About Stephanie Hunter

Stephanie Hunter creates industry leading national and international brands by producing the commercials, social media, and infomercials that introduce them to us and tantalize us to adopt them as part of our everyday lifestyle. Eventually, they grow into trusted name brands and dependable household names.

Stephanie writes with a flair and produces with a real passion to create digital content and network advertising that captivates consumers on a deep psychological level. Her enormously successful results speak for themselves throughout direct-response, infomercials, commercials, and digital content for social media. Stephanie pioneers in creating digital content and has evolved from an entrepreneur at the early stages of social media to executive producer and creator of often-viral content that appeals to millions of viewers.

She’s excelled for over 15 years as a executive Producer for leading global marketing companies. Her commercials and infomercials include major celebrities, budgets from $5K to $5M, and span many product categories including beauty, cookware, electronics, fitness, garden, health, home, intimate apparel, traditional apparel, and leisure.

Her independent production experience spans over 25 films, TV programs, and documentaries.

Stephanie launched Hunter’s Cove Productions to be a turn-key production resource for companies and marketers who need to navigate the challenges of digital content creation, social media exposure, commercial advertising, and infomercial promotions. She specializes in creating and producing captivating, high impact content that touches viewers and develops a true connection and trust between them and the product involved.